Saudi Arabia MapSaudi Arabia MapSaudi Arabia MapSaudi Arabia MapSaudi MapSaudi Arabia Map

Saudi Arabia Map

R$ 105.000,00

Product Description

SIZE: 122 CM x 139 CM

The map is a portrait of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Saudi map). Manolo Caminos did reserch in his Braziliam ateliê from books and old maps given to him by the Saudi Arabia Braziliam Embassy in 1991.

On the leather, his hand-made tools and well-practiced fire-engraving technique render a surface wich looks like old, sometimes yellowed scroll paper. It’s protected against time, wheather and insects with a special and ancient egipcian wax.

The phirograf is an electric burn pencil that is impossible to eraser. Only with fire. Then, no mistakes are required to draw with it.

The artist tryed to show the grandiose Arabian writing; the Muslim inheritance; the tradicional buildings in the Central Province; the Nabataean antiquities at Madain Salih; Makkah, the spiritual capital; Al-Harram Mosque, which embraces the Holy Kaaba; Medina and the Messenger’s mosque; the falconry; the ports, oil fields, water holes, etc.

Manolo Caminos usually works in his studio at home in the posh Brazilian peninsula town of Búzios.

He got his start doing decorative map-portraits of islands near Rio de Janeiro . He made them more than geographical renderings. He wove into the landscape of the maps their history, spirit and tradition.

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