Armação dos Búzios

Armação dos Búzios is one of the most important resorts in Brazil, located in the Lakes Region in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is a small city of about 27 thousand inhabitants very cosmopolitan with a small center where is all the nocturnal move that is very agitated. The Buzios Peninsula has a mild climate, clear waters and very rich marine life, where all type of marine sport is practiced: surf, SUP, kitesurf, kayak, diving, fishing, sailing, etc. In all there are 23 beaches and the geography of the peninsula always has one that is great according to the winds, offering varied options of walks and outdoor activities.

Buzios is known, in addition to its beaches and natural wonders, also for its gastronomic diversity. Here you will find bars and restaurants in Búzios, delights of the most varied cuisines in the world, decorated with taste for those who have the privilege of being able to enjoy this little paradise. The reason for the diversity is the large number of foreigners who came to spend a few days in the resort, fell in love and stayed here, many today have their restaurant in Buzios. As it is still a fishing village and surrounded by beaches on all sides, the spices and secrets that enhance the dishes based on seafood and fish, are the flagship of local cuisine. Due to the large amount of tourists you will find many restaurants and bars in the city, not difficult to find good options of where to eat in Búzios. Even if gastronomic tourists visit Búzios frequently, there are always excellent restaurants to try out, as the competition is intense. Each of them with very creative gastronomic proposals, check below.

The charming Rua das Pedras presents all its charm to the tourists, with several gastronomic options, it is in Rua das Pedras that is concentrated the largest number of restaurants, bars, shops and brands. The Bardot waterfront is named after the actress Brigitte Bardot who was the one who showed Búzios to the world, today the city honors the actress through a statue that became one of the main sights of Búzios. The Bardot waterfront is also a stronghold of bars and restaurants making it one of the main tours for tourists, enjoy to enjoy the sunset.

The Hotels and Pousadas in Búzios are characterized by their charm and good service. Local charm is reflected in the inns and hotels ranging from the cheapest and youngest hostels to the most refined and elegant boutique hotels. You can find different types of accommodation and find the one that best fits your budget: camping, hotels and hostels in Buzios, hostels, guest houses, houses, apartments, bungalows, mansions.


What is the difference between Buzios and other cities in Brazil? Why is she so famous and sought after?

Geographically it is a peninsula that enters the sea some 20 km. It is swept between March and September by the trade winds that come from the north, moving away the clouds, rains and storms. So we found many cacti and a vegetation typical of dry places. Ideal for holidays. Many days throughout the year can observe clouds and storms passing a few kilometers while the sun caresses the buzianas beaches. Wonderful.

Already in the cultural, human and commercial aspect the difference with other seaside cities and immense. Both on the beaches and in the small shopping center we come across many tourists speaking all kinds of languages, boutiques of famous brands, restaurants with trendy chefs, concerts and parties marking the presence of Brazilian newspapers and magazines


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