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This is the Buzios Total Guide. Here you will find, meet, walk online or book hotels, hostels, hostels, guest-houses, beaches of Buzios, real estate in Buzios, rent per season, events, jobs in Buzios, maps and all kinds of services. Armação dos Buzios is one of the most important resorts of Brazil, located in the Lake District in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is a small city of some 25,000 inhabitants very cosmopolitan with a small center where all the night movement is very exciting. The peninsula of Buzios has a mild climate, clear waters and rich marine life, which is practiced every kind of water sport: surfing, SUP, kite surfing, kayaking, diving, fishing, sailing, etc. This is the site with more information about Buzios. Altogether there are 23 beaches, and due to the peninsula geography is always one beach fine despite the winds. The Buzios Tourism Team has been living for over 44 years in the city and has the best tips for tourists and visitors. The rates of hotels, inns, hostels and guest-houses you will find on this site are well into consideration. The deal can be direct with the property owners allowing at the end, a possible extra rebate. Sign up to receive all promotions, concerts, parties and city tips. Finally and after enjoying your stay, upload the pictures you took while on vacation.

Why Buzios is different from other seaside cities of Brazil? Why is she so famous and sought after?

It is geographically a peninsula that enters the sea about 20 km. It swept between March and September by the trade winds coming from the north, moving away clouds, rain and storms. So we find many cactus and vegetation typical of dry places. Ideal for holidays. Many days throughout the year you can watch the clouds and storms passing a few kilometers as the sun caresses the Búzios beaches. Wonderful.

In the cultural, human and trade aspect the difference with other seaside cities and immense. Both on the beaches and in the small shopping center we come across many tourists speaking all sorts of languages; famous brand boutiques; restaurants with trendy heads; concerts and parties with a presence in newspapers and magazines in Brazil.

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