Due to its particular microclimate and geographic aspect, without mountains and constant winds, it is observed on numerous occasions, clear sky conditions and starry nights, even when the forecast is more pessimistic. In several times when it rains in Rio, Búzios remains with sun.

Weather forecast Buzios

Buzios’s climate is tropical type (Aw) with hot, humid summers and winters milder and drier than outside the lake region as gusts of wind disperse most of the clouds and cold fronts to the interior of the state. Búzios counts on warm days attenuated by the constant winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean. The nights are mild and not as stuffy as the state capital. Generally the hottest month is the month of February with an average of 25ºC and the coldest month is the month of September with an average of 19.5ºC. The driest month is the month of August with only 37 mm of precipitation and the rainy one is December with approximately 130 mm of rain. But time has changed in recent years.

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