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Check below the main means of getting to Búzios that Búzios Turismo has selected for you! It has some periods over the years, especially on New Year’s Eve and Carnival, where the road gets congested and you need to plan to avoid peak hours. The same occurs for the purchase of bus tickets, have to be bought in advance, including the return.

From the city of Rio de Janeiro, from the north or south of the state, by car, bus, shuttle, regular flights, private jets, helicopters or air taxis, sailboats, motorboats, cruises and transatlantic.

The average car is approximately 2 h 34 min via BR-101 and Via Lagos. There are cheap direct flights to Cabo Frio International Airport, 30 km from Búzios, by Gol and Trip, leaving from São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia. From Cabo Frio airport to Buzios are about 20 minutes by car or taxi. B & Bs and hotels offer shuttle services to Búzios, check the value with your own. A cheaper option to get to Búzios from the airport is by bus, which leaves every 20 minutes. Via the website or by telephone of Viação 1001 you can buy tickets in advance with payment by credit card. In periods of holidays and high season it is convenient to buy your ticket well in advance. We always recommend that you confirm the times and prices.

By Car

mapa_detalhado_riobuzios11Coming from Rio de Janeiro, about 2 hours away. After passing the Rio-Niterói bridge turn left towards Rio Bonito. Just after Rio Bonito, take the right on Via Lagos towards Araruama / Cabo Frio (called Lagos Region). When you finish Via Lagos, continue for 5 km to the Ipiranga station, which is at the entrance of São Pedro da Aldeia (clover). Then take the RJ-106 towards Macaé / Búzios. After 14 km (just after the “Hasta Que Enfim” gas station), turn right and continue for about 10 minutes to the Portico de Búzios (entrance to the city).


chegar_mapa1Coming from the north of the state of Rio: if you come by BR-101, take the entrance to Rio das Ostras and continue for 56 km to Búzios.

Coming from Belo Horizonte: pass through Petrópolis, after descending the mountains, take the Rio-Teresópolis to the city of Magé and then head towards Manilha and Rio Bonito (BR 101) and follow the route from Rio de Janeiro.

Via Lagos (road Rio/Buzios)
The interval between Via Lagos between Rio Bonito and S. Pedro de Aldeia, inaugurated at the end of 1998, is controlled by the company Via Lagos, besides ending the constant traffic jams in the summer and ridding the drivers of the electronic spikes of RJ-106, in Araruama and Iguaba, greatly reduced the time of travel from Rio de Janeiro to Búzios in about 30 min. With Via Lagos, more than 80% of the trip from Rio de Janeiro to Búzios now offers duplicate, new and good-speed tracks for drivers, and the final part of the stretch with simple runways is also in good condition.

Distances to Buzios
distancias1• Rio de Janeiro – 170 Km, 2h
• São Paulo – 580 Km, 7h
• Brasília – 1.331 Km, 17h
• Belo Horizonte – 625 Km, 7h
• Porto Alegre – 1.736 Km, 22h
• Curitiba – 1.035 Km, 13h
• Salvador – 1.749 Km, 22h
• Vitória – 437 Km, 6h
• Cabo Frio – 23 Km
• Macaé – 67 Km
• Campos – 181 Km.

Fines Precautions
During the trip from Rio to Buzios, there are at least 5 electronic radars that you must take into account, two are between Manilha / Rio Bonito, another third is at the end of the Via Lagos highway, just before reaching São Pedro da Village. Finally the other two meet shortly before arriving in Buzios.

Tolls from Rio de Janeiro
There are two points of education to Buzios, one at Rio-Niterói Bridge: R $ 5.20, charged only one way, and another at Via Lagos (RJ-124): during the week R $ 9.00 and R $ 16, 40 (special rate charged from 12:00 noon on Fridays to 12:00 noon on Mondays and 12:00 noon on public holidays at 12.00 on the day following the public holiday).

Useful Telephone Numbers:
• Via Lagos (RJ 124): (21) 3634-9800 ou 0800-702-0124.
• Polícia Rodoviária Estado (RJ): (21) 3503-9000 ou 191, Serviço 24h.
• Polícia Rodoviária Federal: (21) 3503-9000 ou 191, Plantão.
• Ponte SA (BR 101): 0800-022-9333.
• DNER: (21) 2332-5532, Plantão.

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